יום ראשון, דצמבר 17, 2006


Let me ask just one simple question here. Why can't people take no for an answer? Is there really some kind of psychological malfunction that I'm not seeing here? Is there something about trying to get what you can't have?

I've seen all over blogesphere. People being shut down by other people who just can't let people live their own lives and give them their own space. Why do people feel the need to "out" people. I'm not particularly talking about my situation here, although mine is annoying too.

I met this guy and he was a possible shidduch before I got engaged. Plain and simple. The guy ended up being not so plain and simple and being just a little too out there for my taste. I might not have been considered the best shidduch in the world, but that doesn't mean I had to go and marry someone divorced with "issues" that I chose to ignore in the beginning. But he couldn't take no for an answer. He would talk to me only at times of weakness when he knew I needed someone (anyone) and then go crazy all over again thinking I wanted to be with him. My mistake maybe, even answering the phone, or answering the emails. Even now I'm regretting answering the comments because I can see it's just egging him on. But that's enough on me. Back to my question? Why can't people understand the plain and simple word...NO!

If you tell a child not to touch what do they do as soon as you turn your back? Of course you'll hear a crash. Always that something new and shiny. Always that something that catches our eye that we just want. But you would think as adults we could have a little more self control. It's turned from a shiny lamp with the cool looking cable that you're not allowed to pull, to men, women, fast cars and jewelry. All new, shiny things that we really don't need. How do we just say no?

I know that the frum world online is not that much of a large one, although I do see it growing daily in probably the wrong direction, but also not what this post is about. I just wonder, and please if anyone reads this, can you answer me? Why can't people blog about what they want, when they want and how they want? Why can't people rant and rave and say they're boy or girl crazy or anything else that might come up? Why can't people just let them express themselves??

In the frum community everyone knows it can be stifling. Freedom of expression is limited. And I think that blogging is healthy to get out some of that aggression and anxiety that someone might carry around as a burden for themselves daily. Personally, if I don't like what someone is saying on a blog, I'm not going to go and try to destroy it. I leave it to the readers who do enjoy it. What bothers me is people who just NEED to know who that person could be. Why?
And that for now is the proverbial question. Why do people feel the need to know who bloggers are? And once they know, why do they feel like it's in any way their place to post this persons information all over the damn internet? In a public forum people should keep their comments to themselves if they're not wanted or if they're only out to hurt. Back to that question again...WHY?!?!? What the hell is the major malfunction?

יום שלישי, נובמבר 14, 2006

All I wanted to do was fly